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The mazwe


How It Works



If you were to ask a chart topping music producer what it takes to construct a good song, some possible responses could vary from, “good beats, powerful lyrics, excellent production value, simplistic or even complex song structures, unique chord progressions, catchy melodies or a combination of one or more of these amongst others.”

In addition there is hundreds of man hours in the studio, months of rewriting and editing, and the constant struggle of writers' block. What if there was a way to bypass that hassle, and still get the same results?

The Mazwe Bypass is an entirely new method/process I have developed of making potentially chart topping music. Simply put, The Mazwe Bypass is bucking the trend. With this one of a kind process, it allows an infinite number of hit songs to be produced in any genre, key or tempo. 

Moreover, all music produced this way automatically comes with a catchy singing melody. Lyrics and vocals can be fitted onto the melody based on note keys and word syllables.
[See example below]




Here (Drunk Lovers) the singing melody is played by an electric piano. The lyric on screen would then be replaced by a musician's vocal and sung in the same tune and key of the electric piano.


Background music is just another term for all the music you hear excluding the singing melody. With the Mazwe Bypass, all background music is automatically in sync to key, tempo and structure of the song.




The Mazwe Bypass allows for music to be produced in any key. This feature is particularly important for singers as, all singers have their key/keys in which their voices sound best. The Mazwe Bypass helps make the whole process of finding the right song much easier.


With this one of a kind process in use, it allows music to be produced in any genre. Below are a combination of four songs, all in different genres, made using the Mazwe Bypass.