Welcome to my website. I am Mazwe Cuba, (high school senior), the creatorof the Mazwe By Pass and this website. My passions include music, mathematics and computer science. 


I started developing the Mazwe Bypass concept about two years ago and I have been constantly improving it ever since. My ultimate goal is for the Mazwe By Pass to be used as an alternative workbench for producing music.


Growing up, I have flirted with the music bug inside me. At age seven, I met the violin. However, weeks into class, the violin's teacher told me I should try something else as I was keeping back the rest of the class. I later met the piano too. It brought me no better success as its teacher too concluded that I had no one musical in my family. Ouch! Other instruments came along the way, but it seemed something( sweaty hands, poor coordination, tone deaf, to name a few) always got me rejected.


Given the negative feedback I received when I was trying to learn instruments, I quickly realized that it seemed that there was one way to acquire musical skills.  I did not fit this mould and thus mathematically I was an outlier. 


As the years went by and while still trying to engage with music through listening, I began to appreciate a link between music and maths. This appreciation led to a chain reaction of deeper research, encounters with musical mathematicians such as Markov and Pythagoras, and the birth of my music algorithm. I developed further my basic algorithm after having completed a music theory class. The class had brought many pieces of my puzzle together.  In June 2015, I completed my first song in 5 hours. The first song proved that it was possible to produce music using the algorithm. I now use the algorithm to compose songs in any genre, key or tempo. 


Please enjoy the samplings on my website and I welcome your feedback via the contact page.